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We are a real estate consulting firm that specializes in working with homeowners to avoid foreclosure so that they can preserve their equity, credit, and keep their homes for many years to come.

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We help homeowners save their homes from foreclosure by educating them on the options available to them and helping them develop a game plan to resolve their particular situation. Many homeowners will focus on one solution hoping that it will work only to find out that their time has run out and they have no back up plan in place to save their homes. With our guidance, you will not only be able to plan properly, but you will understand what your options truly are and be supported every step of the way.


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In the event that you cannot keep your home, we can help you develop a game plan for buying a home in the future by minimizing the damage to your credit and helping you put the proper protection in place to protect your home in the future.


If we are not able to help you save your home, we can help you preserve the equity of your home by minimizing the costs for resolving your situation and helping you sell your home for its maximum price.

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